Sunday in Montmartre

I’ve come back to Montmartre today. I checked out the Montmartre cemetery (good idea, Ines) and then walked over to Sacré Coeur to visit again. A) just in time for mass so I experience that press of people B) the gift shop is open. Now I’m on a bench just in front of the basilica and having a snack.

Cimetière de Montmartre
Pretty yellow flowers in front of the tomb of Alexandre Dumas

Logistics going on: my tour is over so I had to get out of that hotel this morning. I have another hotel nearish the Maria’s. The hotel for the tour was in the 8th, and more expensive so I thought it would be fun to try another part of town instead of continuing there. I’ve dropped of my bags to store until check in later. I was out and about quite early, around 9. I meant to get going later since check out for my old hotel was at noon. But there was a time change last night, so I was ready to go sooner than expected. Not a problem at all since the metro was relatively calm, so easy to travel with my suitcase.)

I have one more day in Paris after this, and then I take the train to London on Tuesday. I’ve booked a ticket for la Musée de l’Orangerie for tomorrow morning. Just to look around, not a tour. I’m not sure what to do this afternoon. Maybe I’ll see if there’s something interesting around my hotel.

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