October 26, 2022

Today is the day I am visiting Mont-Saint Michel with my tour group. When I am researching and choosing a tour, there is always something on the itinerary that I have never heard of, wouldn’t necessarily go to on my own, and/or am indifferent to. Today is that day for that.

It’s a big church/ monastery/commune/tourist site.

Recounting Monday, Oct 24 – a day in transit.

I didn’t write about Monday because it was busy and didn’t end till late. Also I’ve forgotten what we did. Give me a moment to check my photo storage…

First Stop: we left Paris first thing in the morning. It was still dark at 8am: France’s time change is this weekend. The first stop for the day was Monet’s House Giverny that’s not too far away from Paris. I was wondering if there’d still be gardens to see at the end of October, but there was. The rain held off, too, until we were leaving.

Many many dahlias, of which I took many photos because they remind me of my mum, who grows them. Actually my dad grows them and Mum makes bouquets.

Stop 2: We stopped in Honfleur next where I took exactly one photo. It’s a pretty, seaside village and the group wandered around for a few minutes

The wooden, separated bell tower for the Church of Saint Catharine in Honfleur. Not shown: the largest wooden church in Europe that is just adjacent that contains oak trees as pillars on the inside.

Stop 3 and 4: the Canadian D-Day cemetery and Juno beach – added to our itinerary as there are three Canadians on the tour. I signed the guest book at the cemetery.

Canadian D-Day cemetery. Not sure why I needed to shoot at this angle to include my shadow…
Juno – big sandy beach.

Stop 5: We are based in Bayeux for four nights, and we had a quick stop to settle into our hotel before group dinner. Oh! Note: due to logistics of my tour, I get my own room instead of getting a roomie like I usually do. I am always happy with my roomies, but I’m also happy to have my own room!

Stop 6: Traditional Norman dinner of crepes and cider. Fun fact: Galettes (like a crepe but made with buckwheat) contain no dairy. Fun fact 2: I like cider, and the amount consumed may have contributed to my forgetfulness.

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