COVID-19 Journal Entry 44

Sunday Morning

I’m awake early on a Sunday morning. This is because I was awake early on all the days preceding and so my body is not trained to keep sleeping. On the weekends where I have a flex Monday I can sometimes sleep in a bit, but not much. It’s ok because it’s nice to be up early and start things and have things achieved by noon. Also, early weekend mornings are conducive to afternoon naps.

Today I have ginger turmeric tea steeping. Ginger because my tummy is grumbly; turmeric because it’s part of the tea. It’s too hot to drink so far but I may have to removed the bag before long because the ginger will get too strong. This tea might also be good with some honey – but that’s all the way over in the kitchen and I don’t want to get up.

I’m in my big comfy chair with my feet up. My feet art hurty today, and I have employed my two-socks-per-foot trick to make them feel better. I don’t know if this is a scientific cure, but now their complaints are muffled so I can work in peace.

My feet are sore due to a combination of the following:

  1. My running shoes are likely getting old and not supporting my feet properly anymore. I have been wearing my running shoes instead of either of the two pairs of hiking boots because it wasn’t raining this week when I walked to work
  2. Contemporary dance class in a real studio on Friday evening. My feet aren’t used to being barefoot on a hard floor. My feet always complain after dance class. And during class. Not before class, though, because I don’t tell them I’m going. They don’t get any say on the matter. I’ve been craving a dance class on Friday nights right after work, because I’ve 100% had a dance class at that time for years. I was open to anything but am so happy that it’s contemporary because I can just go and relax (mentally, anyway). This week, unfortunatly, I stomped on my own foot during one exercise. The foot that was stopmed on was all like “Heeeey.” And the other foot was all like “Hehehehe…. I don’t think that’s where I was supposed to go…..”
  3. I went for a walk with Susan on Saturday morning all around and about her neighbourhood. She tour-guided me all around MacAuley Point park, pointing out wildlife and plants, and sharing history. A good walk and a a good visit with Susan, who I haven’t seen in person for a long time.

Admittedly, much of 2 and 3 could have been mitigated by paying more attention to 1. But it doesn’t matter because I have plans to rest today. In my comfy chair. I have a few issues of Vanity Fair (the magazine) to catch up on. I thought I’d read them all, but then I found a hidden cache, most likely set aside when I was tidying. I’m working on September’s issue. Alternating with articles from that, I’ve started reading Outlander, the first in the Outlander series that everyone else has already read or watched (or in among the first? I don’t know if there are prequels, as sometimes occurs with serieses). I’ve heard about it for years, and know the gist of what it’s about, but here I am reading it now. It will be the second book I’ve read this year, and, should I finish, I will be well on my way to breaking my 4-books-in-a-year record I set last year.

Reading Material, circa Jan 17, 2021.

One of my favorite Sunday morning things is the CBC radio show In Concert, which is four hours of classical music. It’s usually themed, and the host will provide history or context of the music in between works, or do readings. It works well to have on while I am reading or writing. I also like to listen to it online and from a different time zone so instead of listening to it from 11am-3pm (pacific, and it’s proper broadcast time) it’s on from 8 until noon (from the Ontario time zone). I don’t know what the theme is today, or if there is one, because I haven’t been paying attention.

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