COVID-19 Journal: Entry 22

I’ve been breathing really well lately. Nice, deep, satisfying breaths. Something to treasure as an asthmatic. Also especially in a time of dangerous respiratory illness I take deep breaths when I read articles about symptoms to reassure myself that I’m not sick, and also to help me calm down.

On that note, sort of, I have a new doctor- as in, I now have access to regular medical practitioners and not just a favourite walk-in clinic. It’s good timing, but also has been necessary for a long time. During my first appointment, the nurse practitioner was a little dismayed about all the questions I had never been asked about my prescriptions. But we’ve amended some things, and I’m happy.

Some of the intake questions, along with my general medical history, asked if I experience, or have ever experienced, domestic violence. I could say “no” but I am glad they asked. I also got to identify myself as female, and was also pleased to be asked. Maybe these aren’t new questions!? I’ve never done an intake interview for a new doctor before! Oh and the intake interview and prescriptions conversation were different appointments, and were over the phone.

Socks of the Day

I’m not wearing any socks right now because my apartment is warm this morning. I will still wear heavy warm wooly socks in the evening even though it is July…

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