COVID-19 Journal “Entry 8”

Working from Home

Working from home is fine. I’ve been doing it once a week since last summer, so I have everything set up already. Three days in a row is a new experience, however. I have not been left alone, however, as there have been group calls with my team both yesterday and today. You know, just for fun, and also to discuss work stuff a bit.

I keep breaking down anxious today. The logical part of my brain keeps telling the anxious part to chill: there’s enough food… and what ever else that set me off before that I can’t remember anymore?! Not implying that my anxiety isn’t 100% valid, just working through it. All your anxiety is valid. I hope you’re able to work through it, or with it.

I remember. Because I got a new credit card, and for the first transaction I’ll have to sign my receipt, or maybe just enter my PIN instead of just tap? Either way, will have to take a pen, or touch the keypad? I should remember because I just got a new card a few months ago. I didn’t have to worry about it then. Just take your own pen, no big deal. Still. I might not activate it yet.

Other stuff too. A person who normally has anxiety about small things has heightened anxiety in current times. Share your things. You’ll feel better.

Socks of the day

Photo Story! I found these socks on the couch…
And I put them on my feet!

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