October 15 – Thanksgiving

I was very happy to spend Thanksgiving with my family this year. Two things:

  1. I wanted to see everyone before I head off to China on Saturday. I’ve tried to see all of my important people before I go. I was in Duncan from Saturday to Monday and got a good visit with Mum and Dad, and Bonnie and Jordan were there for dinner on Sunday. I also visited with Susan on Friday night, and I had a chat with Noralee at lunchtime today. (Important people that may want to wish me well on my trip, and pretend to be super interested as I detail my packing scheme, but also help to calm my worries about going.)
  2. For the past 2 years, I was travelling out of the country over Thanksgiving weekend. Last year I was on my way to Mexico. In 2017, Susan and I went to England. I like travelling in October.

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