Today was a busy day of travel and sights. We were up and ready to leave at 6am (as noted in the previous post). Then onto a mini-tourist bus and a quick breakfast after the sun came up and on to Chuchén Itzá.

I’m too tired to elaborate. It’s an old Mayan sacred site and includes structures like this:

Our guide for the site had lots of information, much of it speculative. However, probably the high priests used their in with the gods to control the masses. The masses were taken in by this and were more than happy to offer themselves as sacrifices in time of hardship. Only the strongest, though, please as the gods wouldn’t be impressed with the blood of the weak. (This is a retelling of what I remember only. There’s more to it.)

This is our guide pointing out the face of the rain god.

I’m resting now before meeting up with the group again at 7 for a brief orientation of Merida and supper.

Tomorrow is cenotes adventure.

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  1. Sounds like a good kind of tired, Lindsie. I so admire your bravery going on these kinds of adventures. Cheers, Dorothy

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