Day Off
We have a day off from dance today. A new session begins tomorrow. I’ll be learning tientos with Isobel Bayon. I’m excited but my feet are still sore.

A day off might seem like a good day to rest but instead we went to market this morning to buy produce, where of course a flamenco mob occurred in the seafood section. We sort of stayed to watch but were also sort of trapped.

Then of course we stopped in at a flamenco store, and then of course it was lunch time and so had to stop for some tapas and fino. And then back home to drop off groceries only to take off again to try and visit the alcazar (closed) and to find the hammam.

It’s sunny and really cold today with the wind. I had to put on both cardigans and a hoodie along with my jacket and scarf. I don’t like the cold and wish for it to go away. Please. BUT the sun is shining in my window and warming my room AND we figured out how to make the heat com on in the apartment, so it’s cozy in here.

🙂 Spain!

P.S. Roommate update! Adam and Rachel and Baby have been replaced by Emma for this week. Emma arrived in Jerez like a miracle late last night and is now learning to navigate the twists and corners of this maze of a medieval city.

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