Just now, leaving Batambang for Bangkok. Some reflections on Cambodia:
1) Every city I’ve been in is under construction. There are roadworks happening all over and buildings going up or being renovated. Big piles of dirt all over the place. As my tour guide reminds us: Cambodia is a young country, only 15 years since they’ve been without war. They are now able to grow.
2) All the children wave at us as we walk by, or pass in a tuk-tuk. Or visit a shop. Two adorable toddlers at the rice noodle making place yesterday were delighted to see us. Kids also wave from motorcycles as they pass our tuk-tuk. This makes me nervous as they should be using their hands to hold on to the parent/driver of the motorcycle. Few adults were helmets and no kids do.
3) More cars than in Vietnam: lots of Toyota Camrys.

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