Mekong Delta was yesterday. This was the last day of the Vietnam part of the trip and the last day with our tour group. As such, we had Final Dinner last night, which included a game of “Secret Buddha” – Secret Santa only we’re in SE Asia. So. I stole and bargained for my present- but I don’t think anyone wanted it as much as me – a purple pouch with “Vietnam” stitched on. There was a lantern and other stuff for the taking too. I’ve written too much about this.

The Mekong Delta tour was well organized. Our first stop on the river was the coconut candy making place, which I Enjoyed Very Much. Coconut candy is great. I also liked leaning more examples of how Vietnamese use up the whole coconut in the process (the shells used in the fire used the cook the candy, etc). I like crafty processes.

The candy making place also included another rice paper making place, and a python that we were free to wear on our shoulders and take pictures. I felt comfortable not participating in this.

After eating and buying coconut candy (because that happened, too) we had a ride in Vietnamese Mercedes’ (which is like a small pick-up truck with motorcycle). These took us to the tropical fruit place (many samples) and then to lunch (so much good food). Vietnamese-sharing style (many dishes served one at a time, one plate between 4 or 6 of us – we put portions of each into our own little bowl). This started with fishy salad rolls, where a whole fried fish was brought out in a stand, and the served picked off meat to add to the rolls. 2 each but I had 4 because Julie didn’t like hers. Then soup, and a chicken in sauce, and a fried rice, ending with honey tea from the hives located on site. Then: naps in hammocks if you wanted.

Lunch and naps were followed by a ride in a row boat back to the main river. It was very peaceful (except for the far-off traffic noises, but just ignore that.)

I didn’t nap in the hammocks for fear of falling into the mud or the pond but I did nap on the bus back to Saigon. Every day I am pooped!

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