Yesterday was the day of the motorcycle tour of Hue and surrounding area. Don’t worry if you’re thinking that I was given control over my own motorcycle. Each of us was paired up with our own motorcycle buddy who drove us around, so I was just on the back. It was very fun. Mildly nerve-wracking at first, but then fun after a bit. We ate an animal-free lunch at a working Buddhist monestary, stopped at lots of places to take photos and buy souvenirs. There was a boat ride, too, to the pagoda. (which I will remember the real name for and purpose of later…)


I told the tour leader at the start of the tour that I don’t do dairy – when he asked the group for dietary issues. There has been no dairy except for the obvious: condensed milk in the iced coffee, for example. The coffee is crazy thick here, and best consumed, or so I hear, with condensed milk with ice cubes stirred in (they melt and water down the coffee a bit). I tried some of the coffee black this morning with a titch of sugar. It was very very strong. I’ll try some more with more sugar.  It was strong and bitter but I kept sipping at it. I just wanted to try it, at least, even without the milk.

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