It’s just past midnight and I just put on my pajamas.

Posts will not be this frequent after this. The trip to, and being in the airppost has afforded me a lot of free time.


Here is a picture of me (Maybe? I don’t know how this will work on my phone) having just arrived at YVR. I appear much more awake than I was feeling at that point. I have since had a green/white tea combo that was delicious and perked me up a little. I met up with Julie at about 10 or so, and we checked in and found out that we can’t take our knitting needles on board with us! So into checked baggage they went. Good thing we asked. After that we went to Wendy’s for our last western meal (presumably) for a while.

I’ll put Julie into context now, since I’ve received permission to talk about her here. Julie and I met when we were in the art program at Camosun. She was very very quiet the first year, but we’d get to chatting about fashion and fabrics and such. In second year she got quite talkative, which amused me, considering how little she spoke the year before. It must be noted that we graduated from Camosun ten years ago.

Lately, Julie and I meet up to watch the musicals that come through Vancouver (The Lion King, Cats, Wicked, Les Mis, etc)

Now I have to board so hopefully this uploads before I go into airplane mode.

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