I keep waking up at 3:30 am and then lying awake for an hour or an hour-and-a-half before sleeping a bit more before my alarm goes. This is ok when I’m asleep by 9:30 or 10 the night before, and even makes sence since I’ve probable slept enough, but last night I wasn’t in bed until close to 11 and so I slept through my alarm this morning. It wasn’t too dramatic, just woke up 10 minutes after I usually start thinking about getting up, so I had to be a bit more organized to get out the door on time.

I still have a weird sore throat today. It’s a sporadic sore and I’m not 100% sure what’s causing it. I don’t mind if it’s related to sugar intake in place of having shakey/weak legs. My sugar intake symptoms are sometimes like that: shifting. My left hand is quite sore today too, like arthritis or something and this is deffo something I used to get when I ate too much sugar. Again I don’t mind if this replaces my skakey/weak legs, however, I don’t know about it as I haven’t consumed very much sugar since it’s started hurting. Fruit bread on Monday and Wednesday nights after dance. Or typing on my phone maybe.

Birthday reveries are planned for March 29, the week after my birthday. I’ll go up to Duncan for my birthday day. I should plan more festivities for that week and, you know, make it a true birthday week. Though now that I think of it, I only have Thursday free since there’s a play on Tuesday.

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