I had a massage yesterday after work. I said my neck was sore and my RMT did something that felt like my head was dislocated from my body. It didn’t feel good and now my neck is sore. It’s all reattached though so that’s good.

After massage I went home for a grilled-cheese sammich and then to a play. It was “Picnic” by William Inge. It felt very surfacy but I was impressed with how some of the young actors portrayed older characters. It was at UVIC so the whole cast was young.

Tonight I’ve said I’ll do a make-up class in level 3 flamenco. I asked permission first of course and there’s no problem there but I am nervous. That’s normal. It’s all the same people from my own level 2/3 but it’s not my class so I’m nervous. Also I have to remember to take my shoes.

It’s play week. We have Glass Menagerie at Blue Bridge tomorrow night, preceded by hamburgers at 5th St.

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