12:45, Spain time — Last few minutes in Spain.  There is a flight delay due to weather in London, but we should ould make our connection OK as there is an hour and a half buffer.

Note: sitting on a plane when it’s not moving is not a satisfying experience.

5:23 Heathrow time — OK so I should have been on a plane by now heading home,  but the trip has been delayed.  First it was delayed by half an hour (it was supposed to leave at five, but delayed until 5:30 like.)  Now it’s delayed until 8.

6:40 Heathrow — still here but plane only delayed until 7:45 now.  We talked to the nice lady at the British Air hel desk and she provided a solution to our not able to make the last ferry: we’ll go to the British Air help desk in Vancouver and they’ll find us some overnight accommodation. She also gave us voucher for food. New best friend.

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