Last night was a flamenco show in the Saromomte area of Granada, which is known for its caves, that is, dwellings and such built right into the hill. The flamenco was good. The dancers didn’t have nails in their shoes, probably due to the tile flooring- they would have killed themselves slipping and also the sound would have been jarring since the room was so small. There were castanets and polka dot dresses and sherry.  Part of the fun was getting there and back. They shuttle tourists on a mini-bus that has to navigate the tiny streets of Granada. Sometimes there were just a few inches between the side of the bus and the wall of a building, and sometimes this was when we were moving very fast.

One more day exploring Granada, then train tonight leaving at 6. Madrid overnight, and then airplane day tomorrow. I’d say this month in Spain has gone by so fast, but really it has progressed at quite a pleasant pace.

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