I’m heading backwards to Granada.  It’s just the way the seats in this train car are oriented.  My suitcase tried to escape before, rolling away from the luggage rack.  This was my fault as I forget that my suitcase has four wheels and can roll where it pleases. I have since trapped it behind another suitcase. Take that, suitcase: you shall never be free!

The view from the train to Granada is rolling hills and olive trees.

Note: my first car was a Ford Granada.  It was the same colour green as the olive trees. I feel a circle has been completed.

Note 2: currently 14:46 and 21 degrees C

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  1. Hi Lindsie,
    So great to see your posts! I figured you must have been somewhere with no wifi. Sounds like Jerez was amazing, and you’ve been having a wonderful trip. The photo was beautiful. We are having a major windstorm here today so you are lucky to be away. A lot of power outages and no ferries. Other than that, life goes on as normal at good old LCLB.

    • Thanks Janice. You are right about the WiFi- it was kind of nice to have a break from the internet. There’s really nice weather here: there’s a drought happening, so I’ve had only 2 days of rain since I’ve been here. It’s good for tourists, but bad for crops.

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