My class this week is alegrias. Another intro class but like last week’s, I find the level perfect.  The studio we’re in is lovely but small for the 25 students that make up the class.  It’s narrow, with mirrors perhaps on the wrong wall- a narrow end instead of a long one. I appreciate, however, the way the instructor navigates around the space so that everyone has a chance to see her demonstrate, and so that she can take a look at everyone’s work. Several times now she has manipulated me into the right position.  Good stuff.  The footwork is a little faster than I like- at least after just 3 days without weeks in between during which I can practice- but luckily there are some 12-year-olds in the class who all stand at the front so I just follow them.

The spectacle last night was a ballet, which was refreshing after all the flamenco we’ve been watching. The ballerinas all used castanets through the whole thing. Fun at first, but after a while it’s just clicky.  Tidy dancing, though. 

There are lots of orange trees here. I am able to identify them as such because they are full of oranges.  Someone at dinner last week said that they are good for marmelade.

I forgot to say. Just outside the studio where my class is this week, there is a pen full of cocks: roosters and a peacock. On the first day class paused for a few moments becuase the peacock was showing off his finery.

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