We arrived by train in Seville around noon or noon-thirty. Nearly caused a riot at the taxi queue by having too much luggage for the first taxi available.  The driver we got was a woman with thick black eyeliner who charged us by the person. No one said anything about this, because it looked as though the whole cab driving thing was a cover for her real job as a professional hit-person. That’s probably why she drove off so fast afted dropping us off– had to get to her next “job. ”

I have some awful jetlag. I slept only 3.5 hours last night due to it being afternoon where my body is usually located.  I’ve been hovering on the edge of a nap all day but I Shall Not Sleep untll tonight.  Right?  Please?

Seville is home to the world’s largest cathedral. I was there today and it was very cold inside.

Now it’s ninish at night and so it’s suppertime.  Food.

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