I’m going to miss a few places in Victoria while I’m out of the country.  The Thrifty foods by my house.  The dance studio. The library.  I don’t go to the library very often (I go to the downtown branch)  but I was there the other day returning a book before I left so I didn’t have to pay a fine and I appreciated how nice it is to be in a familiar place.

I was at my neighbourhood Thrifty foods this morning to pick up some candied ginger and again, I looked around, and noted that I wouldn’t be visiting for a few weeks and I was pleased to be breaking my routine for a little while.  But I’ll get back to it soon,  and then I’ll be pleased to get back to it.

I’ve spent the late afternoon today at the Vancouver airport.  We arrived 4.5 hours early for our flight.  This is entirely due to us taking the ferry over: always take an earlier ferry,  just in case.

I’m traveling with 3 other smart women, so that’s why my pronoun might occasionally switch.

I’m about to board my first plane: one to London, then the second to Madrid. I’m going to nest in and have a cozy overnight flight. I have a Chatelaine magazine to read and Melatonin. Good night.

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