Guess what I’m allergic to now. Palmolive orange-flavoured dish soap. Not to touch it or anything, just the smell. Although I don’t know if maybe it’s a sensitivity and not an allergy? It gives me a headache. Here are some other common products that give me a headache:
1. Hair wax. I first noticed this while at the theatre watching Spiderman 3. At first I thought it was the movie giving me a headache, but then it didn’t go away. Then I washed my hair and the headache went away immediately. Stupid allergy. Hair wax makes my hair look “cool” instead of “dorky.”

2. Underarm deoderant that comes in any smell but plain. Which is sad because underarm deoderant was the only smell I really ever liked wearing. Probably because unlike purfume or lotions, underarm deoderant gets hidden away.

3. Palmolive dish soap.

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