I looked outside 15 minutes ago. Sunny. I stuck my arm aut the window 10 minutes ago to check the temperatre. Not too cold, not raining: I won’t wear my raincoat. I step outside 3 minutes later and it starts to pour. And there’s wind, too. It winds and rains for just long enough for me to reach the bus shelter, realize that with the wind, it’s not providing much of a “shelter”, and then the bus comes. Now that I’m on the bus, it’s sunny again. Welcome to Victoria, Lindsie. You’ve been here four years straight now, but I thought I would remind you I can still make you my bitch.

I seem to be spending my Xmas holidays shopping. And knitting. Not at the same time. My knitting pattern had a stitch in it I’d never tried before, and I forgot that I should actually ty those out on a testing thing before attempting on the item I am making. Thus, yesterday was a day of anti-progress. But better a few hours of anti-progress than carting around a hat that I never wear because there are knobs all over it (where there aren’t meant to be knobs, I mean, like, not in the pattern.)

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