So I moved.  It happened.  Beh.  The bathroom in my new apartment is gross.  It’s got crusty bits and the bathtub is worn out.  The good thing is that it’s getting a little less gross each time I clean it.  Today I scrubbed with a hard-core pot scrubber to get rid of some of the rust on the fan cover.  I also “de-fuzzed” this fan cover.  Gross.  I also discovered that the lino under the cabinet is crusty with dust an ick.  But then I also found a little bit of old wallpaper stuck to the wall under there, as well.  It’s brocade-patterned and pale green.  Very pretty and a secret.

There are lots of seagulls who live in my new neighbourhood.  They hang out sometimes on the roof of the carpark of the apartment behind me here.  “Come hang out here!” they squack to their friends.  “Be quiet!” I say out my window.  There are also some young human punks who climb up on the garbage bin of my apartment, up onto the same roof mentioned, and into the parking area of the apartment behind me.  It’s a shortcut!  I watch them with envy as I want a shortcut, too, but that route is just too climbey-uppy.

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