I’m at that place where I live now… Victoria is what it’s called.  My eyes are sleepy.  I brought a big box of stuff that I had stored in Duncan with me but I’ve put it over there under my desk for now because I’m tired and I just put away all of my xmas presents and unpacked and such.

I got home and I’d forgotten to water my one remaining plant that needs water.  It’s dry to the point of crumbling.  It’s probably done for.  Mum and Dad took away the rest of my dead plants.  Mum says it’s winter and that’s what happens to plants in the winter.  Not the house plants, though!  Those are menat to stay alive.

We all went for lunch/early supper/lupper and I had breakfast.  So I guess I won’t have pankakes for real supper/dinner tonight.  I have tomorrow off, though, so maybe I’ll eat pancakes all day. And read Harry Potter 5.

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