Oct 31, 2010 National Gallery, London. Lots of paintings here. Struck by my usual faves, Van Gogh and Leonardo. Everyome here is struck by them too as there are large crowds in front of all of these.

I thought I was done but I’d missed a whole wing full of works from 1200 to 1500 which is an era I rather like, fashion-wise at least. For the most part it’s all Mary and Jesus and saints but I like their clothes. Van Eyke was stuck in there, too. And I almost missed it all. The only reason I found out this section is there was because I went into the gift shop at the supposed end of my visit and was looking at tbe postcards. “I didn’t know that was here!” I said to myself, looking at a card depicting a woman in a wimple. I think I’ve seen everything I need to now.

Later: National Portrait Gallery. I like it here for the following reasons:
a) not as crowded as National Gallery
b) little contextual blurbs next to each work
c) Jane Austen portrait. She doesn’t look very impressed.

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