One thing I like about England so far is that toast just arrives dry. There are little pads or containers of butter at the table to be used at your own discretion, or, in my case, not at all. I also like that my breakfast is included with the cost of accomodation. I also like that it is the Full English breakfast that is served. Back home I call this “Dad’s Breakfast”– bacon and eggs with toast. Sometimes with sausage. Here it also comes with fried half-a-tomato and mushrooms. I approach the tomato with caution. I ignore the mushrooms.

Itinerery update. I travelled to Winchester via Paddingtom Station instead of Waterloo, taking me through Reading. This isn’t the normal route, but is possible. It’s quicker to go through Waterloo, but the Heathrow Express from the airport goes to Paddington. So there. And I took the Heathrow Ex instead of the tube as planned because I was tired and the Heathrow Ex is easy.

Today if I planned better I might have seen Stonehenge but I missed all tours leaving Bath due to being at the fashion museum. As it is, I’m not especially bothered: ancient rocks vs. Diana’s dresses. It’s a hard decision.

Now I’ve found a vegan/veggie restaurant at which to eat and am waiting for dessert to arrive. There is dessert I can eat and so I am having some. That’s right.

Tomorrow I’ll breakfast in Bath and then wait around a while for the off-peak time arrives for taking the train, and then back to London.

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