Ode to my sore feet.

My feet are sore from going to dance class all week. I’ve been trying to cure them by a) wearing fuzzy orange and white striped socks; b) wearing my nerdy but supportive running shoes whenever I walk; and c) placing them on my ice pack. That latter one is pretty uncomfortable. More importantly, however, is whether this was the most appropriate use of the semi-colon.

Today I am semi-inclined to take a trip out to Superstore in Langford. This is a bit of an endeavour with the bus, and one I have not undertaken since I last lived in Victoria. Usually if I want something at Superstore I wait until I visit Duncan. Moss St Market is also on today, and that is a ten minute walk instead of a 45 minute bus ride (times 2!). Who knows where whimsy will take me today. Perhaps I should just stay home and rest my feet. Baaaah.

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