I was a little miffed exactly three weeks ago when I got a call cancelling my dentist appointment.  But just a little miffed.  I wanted to get it over with, but I certainly don’t mind not going to the dentist (as I told the receptionist when I called in to re-book).  I have to be patient, anyway, since I’m scheduling appointments on my flex days, and those only come around every three weeks.

I finally got in for my last thing today (and my face in frozen!) and they gave me a Starbucks card for being so accomodating.  I will gladly be accomodating again if it means a Starbucks card.  I also got a refund from my last visit, because I overpaid/they took to much/insurance covered more than they thought.  So I really cleaned up at the dentist today.

Now I’m going to attempt to eat a hamburger with a frozen face.  The reason I need a hamburger at this time specifically, is because I was watching TV while I was having dentistry performed on me, and I was watching Regis and Kelly (actually Regis and Bernadette Peters today) and they made hamburgers.  I’m very suseptable to the suggestion of food.

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