End of dance year.  I had something poignant to say about this but I’ve forgotten it now.  Instead:  my knees hurt and I strained a muscle on the inside part of my thigh.  Ow.  But I can rest these things now, to the exent that I’m not in another dance class for just about a month.  I have three weeks of summer classes lined up and paid for, so I’ll get a mid-summer workout instead of being lazy for two months.

I actually should be moving my files from my old computer to my new computer, but I don’t want to do that right now.

I had the sorest of throats this morning when I woke up (at ten-to six for some reason?)  I think it may have been caused by the excess of sugary things I ate last night (cake!) but annoying since it wasn’t very much and why should I get sick whenever I have a little bit of cake?  No more cake for now (I have one other piece in the freezer I will save for another time.  I was celebrating the survival of dance recital with the first piece.  Nothing more to celebrate!)

My apartment is hot except for where I am sitting, as I have the fan directed right at me.  Last night I lay with my knees in the sun– trying to “heat” them, right?  After icing them, to heal them up.  Also useful in the healing process is not taking the stairs at work.  Up or down, as they hurt either way.  Stupid knees.  (Not really stupid.  Get well soon, knees.)

I got a new credit card.  It’s pretty!  I know what’s what when it comes to financial decisions.  Did I need a new credit card?  No.  But is it pretty?  Yes!  Financial decision made.  Don’t worry, however, as both of my other credit cards (both tasteful in design but in no way pretty) are both sitting at zero dollars owing on them.  Lindsie wins.

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