I’m in Vancouver this weekend to watch “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat”, with Julie (“fashion Julie”). When she asked me to, she says, it wasn’t so much whether I wanted to go, it was to inform me of the dates and to find out when I would be able to go. That I would be attending was just assumed. This is pretty much how I saw it too.

Getting here yesterday was pretty easy. Usually on the night before I travel I am excited or antsy, but Thursday night I conked out just after ten p.m., and slept right through, instead of waking up every hour, for example, worried that my alarm was still set. This could have been because I was catching a later ferry than the 9 and so didn’t have to get moving as quick. I actually got up pretty early for a day where I didn’t have to be somewhere by eight o’clock and had time enough for a hearty breakfast (scrambled egg, english muffin, breakfast burrito*).

Food wasn’t a problem yesterday. As soon as I found Julie we headed downtown and stuffed ourselved with chicken tenders and fancy lemonade (not “fancy” as in “spiked” but mixed with sugary syrups and strawberries). And then we wasted some time at Starbucks, filling us up even more. So Full– and complainey about it too, for little while afterwards.

I smiled through most of “Joseph.” As suspected, we knew all the words. I forgot about the children’s chorus! And when the brothers brought out their sheep, the sheep were stuffed versions of the counting sheep from the matress ads. And when Joseph was traveling to Egypt and they’re passing direction signs (e.g. Egypt this way, 250 km), one of the signs read “” and then there was a skiier traveling in the opposite direction of Joseph’s crew looking for directions.

And OMG some creepy drunk guy clawed my upper arm during the bus ride home. This was after he had been nudging me and swearing (I think it was swearing: he was pretty drunk) and I had been ignoring him. “Please don’t touch me,” I suggested to him, which sounds a bit wussy as I type it here, but it wasn’t. I wasn’t scared or anything, just mildly annoyed (personal space, dude, also, don’t touch me.) We got off the bus right then because it was our stop and so I didn’t have to deal with him anymore. But ew.

*this is a normal frozen burrito eaten at breakfst time

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