I finally did my laundry last night! Hooray! It’s been waiting to go since Sunday, and then it was REALLY ready to go on Monday when I added my bedding. (I changed out my winter bedding for my summer sheets and comforter just in time for my birthday sleep). I tried to do it Monday but after work there was a lot of to-do going on in the laundry room—I think the result of this to-do was one of the machines being taken out. But then I couldn’t do my laundry on Tuesday because That Was My Birthday! Then on Wednesday I planned to do it after work if Jordan didn’t want to go for dinner before the play. But he did (surprise)! But that was ok because really I don’t like doing laundry and we went to Applebees and I had an Oriental Chicken Wrap. Mm. So yesterday when I got home from work there were signs all over the building saying that the laundry room would be closed Friday (today)! So I decided that it would be a good idea to get it done before that, since I’m going to Duncan on Saturday, and would therefore be leaving it until Sunday, and even though I would have to do it after dance class, which made it later that I have ever done laundry. I managed to finish, however, before the laundry room closed at 10. And that’s my laundry story.

Another laundry note. My prize in The Present Game this past Christmas was a pair of laundry balls. They look like spikey rubber balls, only they aren’t squishy and the spikes aren’t very long. They are meant, according to the packaging, to reduce static and ironing and decrease dry time. “Whatever, I’ll use them,” I thought to myself indifferently at the time. But last night I put just one in each dryer (I had two loads going) and indeed, where usually my sheets come out slightly damp after an hour in the dryer, they were instead perfectly dry. They were flannel sheets, too. I love my laundry balls.

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