Better today!  The cure was a Subway sandwich I had for lunch last night.   I went to get a Subway sandwich tonight after work (for indeed I was returned to work today) only to find that the Subway at Fort & Blanshard was papered up and closed for some reason.  Shoot.

This is not the first time that Subway has thwarted my dinner (or evening lunch) plans.  The last time I tried to have Subway after work, this time at the Quadra/Pandora location, they had no non-cheezy bread.  The guy was reeeealy sorry but not sorry enough to offer me, I don’t know, their flat bread?  Or the whole sandwich-as-a-salad deal they have?  Whatever.  I went in the next day and had my sandwich for lunch-at-breaktime instead.  And it was the same guy there.  “We have bread for you today” he said.

Subway woes.  By Lindsie.  The end.

I’m addicted to Facebook.  It got real bad while I was sick and didn’t have strength to do anything else, like get up and leave the computer chair.  I have to lessen my habits.  Today I only let myself check it at breaks and and lunch.  And then after 4.  And I have it on now, but it’s in a different tab while I type here.  I don’t even do anything while on Facebook, just stare at the screen.  That must stop.  I must have better things to do.

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