Usually when I get sick, it is preceded by a couple of days where I’m all “WOW I feel great!  It’s so nice to have not been sick for a long time!”  This is when the sickness goddesses are reminded that I exist “Oh yeah!  Lindsie!  We haven’t beaten her with a load of bricks for a while!  cha cha cha!”  Those sickness goddesses are real stinkers if you ask me.  This time though I was kinda miserable the whole week before I got sick.  Not happy at all!  Odd.  I’m hoping that my negativity doesn’t mean that my illness is going to last longer.

Today I am still sick.  I napped.  I started a new book.  I watched the noon-time episode of One Tree Hill.  I forgot how interesting the early episodes of One Tree Hill were*.

I made garlicky hummus for supper.  Garlicky hummus makes me think of Sarah, who once sent me a huge carton of garlicy hummus in exchange for the blackberry jam I sent to her in Halifax.  I also put parsley in my hummus tonight.  The parsley is from the bouquet my mum brought me on the weekend– the parsley was added to the flowers as a practical greenery.  Now my parsley is practical green specs in light brown sludge.  Mm.

*No they weren’t.

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