The book “The Ask and the Answer” has raised some questions in my head. Or at least comments, if they aren’t actually questions. The first is that I don’t know if the book was really good or if I was too caffienated, but I stayed up into the wees finishing it the other night. It is a page-turning adventure. What kept me turning those pages was that I was wondering how the characters were going to get themselves out of their problems: it’s a young adult book, so the teenage heros should be working their way out of their problems independent of adult help. The thing is, though, they didn’t do this. The whole book they are dealing with hopeless situations, and at the end of the book, things are still hopeless. “Arrrrg!” I said, since the next book in the series is not out yet. While it seems that the characters are making progress, they spent the most of the book being yanked around by adult antagonists. Mostly the teenagers just solve the problem of realizing that this is happening, that the adults are using them to get what they want, so I guess there is a little of that YA spirit, but mostly, the story is more reflective of ‘real life’ teenagers, who are often not actually in control of their own lives, still dependant on adults. I hope the characters get to grow into actually solving the problems of the plot in the next book or I shall be vexed, as I have just read two books showing me that they are capable of it.

Lindsie’s review of Harry Potter (the latest one) in IMAX: Fun and all but only a couple of shots that really take advantage of the size of the screen. Most of the movie, therefore, is just really huge talking faces! But I had fun because mum and dad came down to watch and we went for dinner beforehand. Oh! And I also have a pattern for the hat that Hermione wears in the snowy scenes that I’m going to make. Another distracted movie reiveiw by Lindsie!

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