I don’t like how Old Navy has been using the term “cardie” in their ads. Now when I use that term, as I do, others will think that I am mimicing Old Navy. For the record I am mimicing that scene from “Notting Hill” where Hugh Grant’s sister says that Hugh’s shop assistant has a “nice cardie”. I like Hugh Grant’s sister in that movie. So zany. My dad calls Hugh Grant “dirtbag” and Julia Roberts “horseface” so “Notting Hill is one of his favorite movies to disrupt whenever anyone is watching it.

I got a new cardie last week at H&M in Vancouver. I love it but haven’t been able to wear it until today because I didn’t want to wear it while I was sick. I’m still sickly today but I wore it anyway to see if it would make me feel better. I think it did. I felt quite smart in it: smart like “Notting Hill” not like Old Navy.

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