Things that bugged me today.

1) Having to go to work
2) People who make my phone ring at work
3) Having picked up the phone, having to solve people’s problems
4) It was warm in my room at work
5) Being sleepy
6) Wanting to play but having to be at work instead
7) Having to go through more hoops to try and get into another worker’s pool
8 ) That the webpage where I was meant to put information for (7) didn’t work this morning, and when it did work, had lost all the information that I had already entered.

Things that were good today
1) Compliments on my homemade bread (I didn’t share, just people in the lunch room saw it)
2) My sandwich at lunch, made with homemade bread (wholewheat)
3) Yellow highlighter
4) Finishing several random paperworks that I have been putting off.
5) A fresh stock of #9 envelopes
6) Sun shining in my window this morning
7) Punching holes in a piece of paper and placing it in a binder.
8 ) Punching holes in a piece of paper and filing it.
9) Tea
10) Opening my window at work.
11) Putting reminder in my Outlook calender to close window.

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