So much has happened today. But also not very much.

I went upstairs at work today and was roundly complimented by Lynda and Dallas on such things as my attire and hair. All I was looking for was envelopes so this was a good trip on my part.

Also at work was yet another birthday cake, this time in the morning. Cake for breakfast! Never bad.

I meant to go to dance class today and then go for sushi dinner and then go to the dance show I had a ticket for. Instead it went thusly: dance class, so tired I can’t stand, go home early, have nap, feel better, have supper of leftovers, go to dance show, be roundly amused.

When I came out of the dance show: it’s still warm outside! I wore my gloves anyway due to my delicate fingers, of course. My plan next year (given that I’m still employed enough to afford it) is to get tickets for dance shows on days when I don’t also have dance class. I’m just too tired.

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