My apartment is sunny and bright with the evening sun shining in. Also it’s very warm. Not only that but I’ve bread baking – and not just any bread but herb bread. I didn’t need a scarf today when I went outside, and apparently not gloves either as I took them off. I like spring.

I also like clean laundry, which has already been put away.

I also like vanilla soy milk in my tea, as I try pimping to anyone who comes over and has tea. One taker, one ‘plain tea’ so far. There Will Be More.

I found my poncho.

It takes 12 minutes to walk from the Royal Theatre to my house.

I think Floor Barre has changed my life. My dance life anyway. Thanks to this class I now have usable stomach muscles. I don’t know if my flexibility is any greater than it was when I started, but that’s a sadness in my life that I have grown to accept.

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