I have been pretty grumpy for most of this week.  This morning was bad but then I bought some gingersnaps.  Gingersnaps, usually, make things better.  They were really “snappy” gingersnaps.  That is, they were hard.  I ate many.

Another time gingersnaps made me happy was when I was in St. John’s.  I found them at the Loblaws near my B&B.  (This, after I found the Loblaws in the fog.)  They were sugar free and tasted like flour and ginger.  They were great.  (I wasn’t grumpy in St. John’s, I just remember lying on my bed and eating them with BBC news on the TV and being happy.)

I saw Coraline 3-D last night and my review is thus:  I LOVE 3-D!  It’s like watching a movie with a View Master.  SO fun.  My review is also thus: I want to make dolls!  Not creepy magical ones or anything.  Just ones with cute little faces and clothes.

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