I had English Breakfast tea this morning.  It didn’t taste how I thought it should.  For a time I was drinking it often.  This was when I was at Camosun and we would have a class break everyday around 10 or 10:30.  Ralph would say “it’s time for a tea” which would prompt me to want tea, and I would go with whoever was going down to the cafeteria and buy a tea.  I liked English Breakfast because it wasn’t herbal and it had a nice hearty taste to it.  The tea I had this morning didn’t have that hearty taste to it.  This surpized me because it was Twinnings brand and I, I don’t know, thought that it would taste the same or better than whatever I had before.  Or maybe the brand I had before was wrong!

The Camosun tea time is also when the following memory stems:  Robin complaining how putting mil in tea was just putting milk into hot water, so really all you were drinking was weak milky-water.  I don’t put milk in my tea in restaurants or cafeterias and so didn’t feel that this comment applied to me.  However, when I at home, making my own weak soy-milky-water, I remember it.

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