My Floor Barre instructor this evening remarked that I was doing one of the exercises in a “gorgeous” fashion. This, considering that I have no strength or flexibility (two things that make for gorgeous dancers, for example) is significant.

I’ve started doing a new thing when I am vexed (usually when I just miss a walk signal at an intersection). I bob a bit and wave my hands at the bottom of my arms and say “ooooooh!” in a whining tone. I was doing this for a couple of weeks before I, you know, noticed. I should probably pay attention to myself more. I tend to get a bit silly when left to my own devices.

I bought a new wallet last weekend at Daiso. It was just a wallet of pockets for cards, with no place for change, but I fixed that today, adding some velcro to one of the sections so on the off chance that I have change, I can carry it safely. Adding the velcro was very annoying, as I had to sew it on within the structure of the wallet. I finally used one of my curved upholstery needles (which I purchased in the first place just because they look neat, never intending to use them for anything) and it was incredibly tedious. But I persevered and now everything is correct and as it should be.

I conclude: I enjoy relish a great deal.

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