I had a fun weekend.  (Exept that ferries in both directions ran late.  This was a problem going over to Van because the bus over there has to leave right on time, leaving a bunch of us to wait an hour for the next one.  The only other option when stranded at Tswassen is to take a cab but I didn’t do that.  It ended up being a 1/2 wait before the next bus came and the driver took pity on us and let us on to wait on the warm bus.  On the way home, the 3 o’clock boat was actually the 3:30 boat, but there was an express bus into Vic waiting for us on the other side, which was nice.  I haven’t checked the schedule to see if they sent one out special for us.  Either way, it probably kept me from snapping…)

The show was very fun.  11 000 people there to watch dance.  I was one of them.  Also: screaming and whatnot.  It was amazing to watch the dancers perform all of their tricks of strength and flexibility as though they are as simple as breathing.  And many of my favorite dances from the show were performed, so that was pretty fun.  These words aren’t describing it right.  This does:


Other items of note that were enjoyable on this trip:  we ate supper at Moxie’s before.  This is the restaurant that is in the hotel we were at (the Sandman, just a few blocks from the place with the thing) and we went there again after the show for drinks (me) and dessert (Bonnie).  There is a pool and hottub at the hotel and I used both of them.  When I missed my second bus of the trip (trying to get the 1:00 ferry bus but having the b-line take too long to get me there and watching the ferry bus leave the station fro the light across the street) I went into Richmond and went to Daiso (formally called, in this blog, “the two-dollar store”) and bought goodies, including a new wallet.  It’s just a card holder (I’l going to add some velcro or something so I can use one of the pockets for change) but it’s pink plaid and I already love it a lot.  (My last zipper pouch that I’ve been using for maybe two years still works but Is looking a little frayed.  All the sequins, amazingly, are still attached!)

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