I’m sick. It’s not a normal sick where I have to lie in bed and complain for a few days. It’s an annoying sick where I can’t tell I feel bad until i get up and do something, like try to go to work, which I have done for the past couple of days only to have to come home again because I can’t breath.

It started as a sore throat but didn’t progress into a cold or anything, just sank down into my chest so I have my normal can’t breath dealie. What I did yesterday was go to work until noon but really couldn’t walk between my desk and the front office (about 20 steps) without huffing. That I and I was almost lynched for bringing a virus-infected body into the office. No more of that! I’m staying home and eating oatmeal and soup. (Not mixed together, of course.) For the past three days it’s been oatmeal and maca-broccoli because I had an abundance of broccoli. Broccoli is gone now. I might have “maca-pea” today but the very name makes me nervous, but I have many fresh peas and need something to do with them.

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