I could totally go for a tomato bunwich right now. Or just enjoy lolling over the words of that.


See that there how it can just be the statement about myself “I” or just a bullet indicating the first item in a list. I haven’t decided which it is to be in this instance. Not a very good sentence, however, missing either the subject or the object or whatever “makes” a “sentence”. You might think I “Know” that kind of thing, being someone who makes sentences regular-like. But I can’t remember. Caun’t remembeh. I’ve Jeeves and Wooster on the telly behind and it makes me compose with an english accent in my head.

Note of interest: someone playing badminton against the wall at the club.
Note of interest: Mr. Laurie running around like a chicken with his head cut off, only he still has a head! Haha. Indubitably.

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