I am not yellow.

My sweater with the diamonds isn’t really argyle, I don’t think. My *argyle* sweater is argyle, with the lines tracing through, like they do. I decided not to wear the argyle tomorrow, choosing instead the blue, plan blue, but I can still change my mind.

The only problem with pigtails is that I can’t wear my hair any other way for the rest of the day. Any other way, like, “down”, due to hair creases across my head. Slicked them back pretty well today though and so they lasted, no real particles falling into my face because I used ever so much hair jell this morning.

I have American Idol on mute. I can’t tell if it’s a chick or a dude there on stage. I’m going to unmute and watch something else.

Chick or dude? Chick or dude??

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  1. LOL whats the point of watching a show about singing if you have the sound off? It must look like some strange performance art about impersonating fish.

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