I wore argyle socks yesterday with my jeans. I was quite pleased with myself and laughed when I noticed that my Mum was wearing the same. She of course bought the socks for me and bought some for herself as well (not letting me have both pairs).

I was sick for two weeks and I am not yet now even fully recovered although I am back to feeling normal. My sickness was a cold for three days and then lungs that didn’t breath correctly for 10 days. They aren’t quite healed yet but I only notice when I sing long notes… and I only do that when I’m in the car on my own. When I do that my lungs feel hollow and empty. When I was sick I couldn’t walk down the hall without gasping for air. Sick!

I watched lots of television while I was sick and also had started a crochet blanket before so I could at least work on that while I otherwise had to stay pretty still for long periods of time. My new blanket is green and white to match my bedspread. I’m having trouble trying to decide what to do with the crochet blankets that are currently on my bed, which are nice and all, but don’t match. Actually one of them isn’t very pretty. It was the first crochet I ever did and is a huge mishmash of colours from a bunch of thrift store sweaters that I detangled/unravelled. Such fun it was and I watched lots of X-Files while I was making it. The other blanket is purple and white and goes with my purple bedspread, which is going unused right now because it is twin sized and I now have a double bed. I used it for a while on the double but finally got fed up with it not covering my feet and also didn’t hang nicely over the edge of the mattress like bedspreads are supposed to do.

Halloween is tomorrow and I have to work. I’m going to dress up like a receptionist. Really I dress up “like” a receptionist every day I go to work.

I got burrito sauce on my book while I was reading at lunch. Made me so mad. I’m finally reading Sense and Sensibility. I find that it helps in the reading that I pretty much have the Emma Thompson movie memorized (I like it). I forgot that I owned it (the book) because I put an orange book-cover on it, disguising it’s true prettiness. It’s an old bookclub version, with Northanger Abbey attached to the end of it.

I’m also reading TS Eliot’s poem The Waste Land which is about way more than any one poem should be about. Lucky I have found a web page to tell me what all of that is. Oddly enough there is allusion to Austro-Hungarian royalty, which I didn’t notice, but which I know a lot about from studying Empress Sissi.

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