I’m having a day where I woke up grumpy and tired after not having enough sleep only to have things perk up as the day progressed. The first thing that helped was vanilla earl grey tea with 1/3 % of soy milk poured into it. The second thing was maccachee. The third thing was pretty white blouse with short, puffy sleeves under a brown sweater vest. The fourth thing was new mix CD of songs to sing to in the van on my way to work. The fifth thing was pay raise.

Cha ching.

I’m going through a phase of eating a lot of oatmeal. Usually it’s just a breakfast thing, but lately it’s breakfast and evening snack. Or lunch if I forgot to have breakfast. I’ve microwaved it with Apples tonight (there is a bucket of apples in the kitchen from the trees outside. there is also a table full of tomatoes) and added raisins. It’s a less sugar variation of a recepie that Kimberly gave me once. Less a variation of the recipe, though, more an adaptation of the process that goes into that reciple. The oatmeal and apple are the same, however!

Ohoh! The sixth thing is two emails from Stacey!!

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