I’ve been reading my journals from 1997-2001. This is when I kept a paper journal, and then at some point I started my blogger one, too. I was much more telling in my paper journal than I am in anything I post online. Makes me sort of want to start a paper version again, but then, at some point, like 2001, I got bored of writing my day-to-day routines. Which is just as well, reading the old ones, because every day is similar. Amazing how much time I spent watching anime and then writing about it. Not really “about” it, just that I did it. And then the last third of my 2001 is spent detailing the new version of Tamin and Janell, which I am still working on, so that was fun to review and remember and note which bits and details are still going and what I forgot about.

Something fun to note is my use of terrorists and bombs threatening the powerful and selfish countries in Spring, 2001 and then my abrupt stopping of that conceit in the fall. I never went back to that, but then, I don’t really know anything about terrorists or bombs so it was probably just as well.

So anyway, if you ever get a chance to read my journals circa 1997-2001 they’re pretty good.


I’m working four days a week now. For the time being anyway. I’d like it to stay like that but my position is not a very stable one.

I went to dance on Thursday for two classes and then Friday for one and yesterday I could do little more than hobble about the house my legs were so sore. And they get worse when I sit and do nothing for any portion of time. I have, as is balletic, been whining about them.

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