I have the aftertaste of blackberry wine in my mouth. How decadent. How Extreme!

I am on the cusp of a longish weekend. I work Monday, which is the actual holiday, but I don’t work tomorrow or any of the other weekend days. My new work schedule, for the time being, is thus: Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed 3-10, which doesn’t work well for dance classes, but does work well for my bank account. The question now being: will this make me happy? Does happiness matter? Who am I? Why am I here? Etc, etc.

Everyone was nice to me at work today. Everyone is usually nice to me, but I noticed today because I was in a bad mood to start, but then tea and nice people made everything ok. Tea and nice people make for a nice day and a pleasant work environment. I wore my new brown short-pants, and a yellow t-shirt with a collar and a brown sweater vest. The vest was a good idea because I had the sea breeze coming in from odd angles all day which was nice, but cool.

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