I haven’t fully unpacked yet. I mean to do it today but haven’t gotten to it yet. I had a chai (tea) from a package and boy was it sweet. I had to dump out half of the cup into another cup and add more soymilk. And this was after I’d made a 50/50 ratio drink. Too sweet and now I’m all twitchy from it. So tasty.

I have too much in my head. Stupid thinking too much. I would like to focus.

I made reprints of most of all of my Tiny String Library.

I still have to download pictures off of my camera and organize them and whatever. I don’t want to do that today, either. I have to unpack my suitcase soonish though because mum and dad are going on a trip for the long weekend and they might like to use it… it’s theirs, actually, not so much mine.

I bought miso to make miso soup, in theory. I haven’t yet because we had bean soup for supper last night and Dad will mock me probably. I totally had eggy rice for breakfast. I haven’t had this for a long time and it was yummy. It was with sushi rice, too. And a side of dumplings. I only have food in my head right now, I guess.

I cut my fingernails but I still can’t type.

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